Talk by artist and 'Deep Space Astro-Photographer' Chris Baker

Celebrate the release of two brand new limited edition prints of his artwork

This 35-40 minute talk by deep space astro-photographer, Chris Baker will celebrate the release of two brand new limited edition prints of his artwork.


Having developed an enviable reputation for photographing ‘deep sky objects’ (objects outside of our solar system), Baker has successfully established himself as a major player within this challenging field. This in turn has lead to strong international demand for prints of his stunning photographs, which now grace the homes and offices of some of the world’s most famous individuals and organisations alike.


Hear all about how, from his personal observatory in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain, dark skies and clear nights best facilitate the production of his stunning images. Learn just how much it takes for Baker to capture the surprising colours and striking compositions of the deep sky objects he targets and how things can sometimes go frustratingly wrong, leading to the destruction of weeks’ worth of work in a fraction of a second.


Enjoy a complimentary glass of prosecco and be among the first to view and purchase his two brand new limited edition prints showing the stunning royal blue and vibrant oranges of the remains of a super nova explosion which took place in our own galaxy thousands of years ago. 

June 1, 2016