Fairy Tales and Imagination

New Works by Kerry Darlington
Fairy Tales and Imagination is an exhibition of works by renowned contemporary artist Kerry Darlington. 
Exploring the effect retelling well known stories has on the development of new tales, Darlington brings humanlike qualities to sometimes inexplicably familiar animals and hybrid creatures as she symbolises life’s mysteries, desires, and fears in her sought after artwork.  
Finding inspiration in childhood Fables and the interactions between nature and humanity, Darlington’s artwork is known to incite internal considerations of written lore, psychology, ethics, and visions of a desired future. 
Although very much created with adult appreciation in mind, her work has often been described as perfect for ‘baby’s first art’, appearing in nurseries across the globe, bridging the divide between decoration and imagination-inciting educational material. buyers often also cite a significant increase in value as an added bonus to their decision to purchase a Kerry Darlington.
October 17, 2019