PENNY WARDEN | New Collection

New Paintings and Hand Signed Limited Editions
This autumn sees the launch of a new collection of artwork from renowned British expressionist Penny Warden. With an extensive range of both original oil paintings and hand signed limited editions available to purchase now, admirers of her work are sure to find something for their walls, no matter their requirements or budget.
Following a commendation from the Royal Drawing Society at just 12 years of age, Penny Warden went on to train and work professionally as an artist, exhibiting her work alongside the likes of Maggie Hambling, Bill Viola and Tracey Emin. Her work has been exhibited in incredibly diverse venues from The Royal Academy to St Paul’s Cathedral, London. This lead to her receiving the incredible accolade of a commission for Blackburn Cathedral in the form of a permanent display of her work, installed in 2005. Desmond Tutu once described Penny’s paintings as ‘Wonderfully Creative’, while The Archbishop of Canterbury commented they were ‘outstanding and very moving’.
October 7, 2019