Jayson Lilley Solo Exhibition

From iconic London landmarks like Borough Market and Battersea Power Station to the Art Deco buildings of New York, Jayson Lilley’s art has always had the clear intention of highlighting as extraordinary, that which many have come to accept as ‘everyday’.

His signature use of gold leaf, strong colour palette and illustrative approach have all ensured Jayson’s graphic style has been admired and collected around the world to an incredible extent, considering his relative youth. He is represented by galleries across the globe and has exhibited in numerous locations, notably London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai and Moscow.

Jayson Lilley at M1 Fine ArtHaving achieved a First Class Honours degree in Visual Communication at UCA, Jayson began working in design; a period of his life he says continues to influence his artwork today. His work depicts urban landscapes with countryside influences (although these may not always be immediately apparent) and serves as his outlet to express his love of the capital whilst maintaining the strong roots he developed in his early years growing up in idyllic Devon.

In this, Jayson Lilley’s debut solo exhibition with M1 Fine Art, visitors are guaranteed an explosion of sensual stimulation with new, never before-exhibited works being unveiled for the first time alongside exclusive, much sought after favourites of Jayson’s back catalogue.

Exhibition runs from Friday November 10th – Sunday December 3rd 2017 (inclusive).

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