Angela Morris-Winmill - In Support of The British Lung Foundation: Commemorating the dawn of new transport regulations

15 June - 15 July 2020

To commemorate the dawn of new transport regulations, M1 Fine Art brings you a new online exhibition featuring a fascinating collection of bespoke face coverings – something deemed essential by law on all public transport in England from today, June 15th 2020.


With the reopening of our Greenwich gallery today as the new directive comes into force (with our West End gallery opening tomorrow June 16th), the exhibition will showcase a series of striking creations by Australian artist Angela Morris-Winmill.


Working in partnership with the British Lung Foundation who will receive all proceeds from sales of the works (a charity close to Angela’s heart), the artist created the masks during lockdown as part of her ongoing exploration into the effect human consumption and consumerism has on the environment. 


Each facemask references a worldwide event within human history that has affected the globe to the same extent Covid-19 has - the 2008 financial crisis features, as does the bubonic plague and even Y2K. Key to the display is a mask composed of reclaimed computer parts priced at over £1,000.


“I was making regular surgical masks for local charities and the NHS and over the many hours I was doing so, began to consider that they will likely become an everyday clothing item soon. I wondered how long it would be before designer fashion brands released their own versions and wondered how extravagant they may become in the future.


“I’m fascinated by the extent to which the human race affects the environment and this series of work explores that. I hope that visitors to the exhibition will be able to enjoy the work whilst also considering the inspiration behind each piece.”


Morris-Winmill cites her daughter’s diagnosis with chronic asthma before her first birthday as a major inspiration for her artwork in general, but particularly this collection:


“Raising my daughter, it was clear that her asthma was greatly affected by air pollution caused by transport and industry. This has always played heavily on my mind and creating these facemasks during lockdown took me back to the feelings of helplessness I experienced for all those years. I hope this donation to the British Lung Foundation will help to ease the suffering of many across the UK.” – Angela Morris-Winmill


This fascinating series of masks by Angela Morris-Winmill shines a light on the fast-changing landscape of Covid-19 and the gradual re-opening of the world. At a time of great distress for many it offers visitors space to consider this and other historical global events of importance in our history.