Vicky Oldfield


Vicky Oldfield is an artist and printmaker who finds beauty in the everyday. She treasures both the eccentric and the ordinary and is inspired by collections of found objects and natural forms. Vicky is particularly fascinated with the structure and design found in flowers and plants, often redrawing the same plant many times over to explore the subtle variations in its form.  


Born in London in 1966, by the age of six Oldfield had moved to South Wales. It was there she stayed to attend Cardiff Art College which was followed by a degree in design at North Staffordshire Polytechnic. This gave her a broad skillset including illustration, textile design, graphics, ceramics, glass and photography.  


After graduation she moved to London and specialised in fabrics and interior design. Vicky’s reputation was burgeoning and in the early ‘90’s she moved to Paris, spending four years designing fabrics, wallpapers and ceramics for Triodes International. When returning to London in 1994 as a freelance designer her corporate clients included both The British Museum and Wedgwood.


It was in 1998, with a hankering to move from commercial to fine art, that Vicky finally made the switch to become what she always wanted to be – a printmaker and fine artist. This move has led to residencies as far afield as Japan, where in 2016 she saw for herself the  long-held traditions of the printmakers craft in Tokyo and Kyoto, and to studios closer to home such as Ochre Print Studio in Guildford, where she held the post of Artist in Residence for 2019.


In recent years, Oldfield’s reputation as an artist has gone from strength to strength through her inclusion in notable exhibitions and galleries, such as The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, and The Mall Galleries where she exhibits as one of the RBA’s newest members having been granted membership in 2021.