Annie Boisseau’s works are best viewed as a contemporary interpretation of the tradition of Romantic Landscape painting. Inspired by an emotional response to the natural world, she investigates the often transient qualities of time, space, memories or emotions with her expressive semi-abstract painting style. 


Each starting point comes from observation of the landscape through walks in the familiar countryside of Surrey and along the coastal paths of Sussex. Preliminary sketches are created outside, using a range of media including, pastels, watercolours, charcoal or pencil to record the colours, rhythms and textures of the landscape. Capturing the quality of light is key, as this helps to establish the mood of the painting. Once in the studio, Annie meticulously builds up layers of paint,  using a palette knife or brush to create textures. The imagery is a mixture of both memory and reality, which allows the painting to follow its own path and the viewer to connect with their own experiences. 


Annie has been the recipient of multiple awards including The Windsor & Newton Award for Painting and ‘The Artist’ Magazine Award. As well as being exhibited at numerous galleries throughout the UK her work can be found in Surrey University’s Art Collection.


Over the past decade, alongside her role as a university art tutor, Annie Boisseau has been invited to exhibit with highly prestigious Pastel Society, The Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of British Artist of which she was awarded membership of in 2018.