M.E. Ster-Molnar


M.E. Ster-Molnar is a California dreaming, London based artist.  


Formerly a fashion designer, M.E.’s art reflects a sense of wonder in the details and imperfections of life. A successful career in the fashion industry took her across the states with boutiques in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Through the boutiques ‘daytime disco’ style M.E. designed for woman of all ages, shapes and sizes and encouraged self-love in the process. ‘Imperfections’ weren’t something to be hidden by clothes, rather fashion helped enhance and celebrate the supposed flaws. 


Though M.E.’s medium may have changed over the years her ethos hasn’t. The monoprint process is impossible to entirely control, there will always be an element of chance. Rather than trying to ‘fix’ these chance creations M.E. allows the imperfections to take centre stage in her originals. She strives through her process to celebrate the beautiful flaws that make each of us and our world unique, whilst infusing a bit of sunshine into each and every one of them.


M.E. first discovered her love of printing whilst studying for an art degree at Florida State University. Years later when signing up on a whim to a class at the London Print Club she rediscovered her talent which projected her into a career as an artist.


Since then her work has been selected for multiple mixed exhibitions both in the UK and the states, from the Secret 7 Show, Tate Collective Digital Exhibition, to the charity project ‘CHOOSE LOVE’ which in collaboration with Print Club London raised funds for Help Refugees. In 2020 M.E. went from strength to strength by starting the year with her very own solo exhibition ‘Blooms in the City’ and ending it on a high having been featured as one of sixty inspirational female artists in Betsy Wiersma’s book ‘Smart Talk, Exceptional Women’.


M.E.’s work is held in private collections around the world but predominantly in the UK, US and Japan where a full collection of mini blooms is permanently exhibited in Nagoya.