For several years Faryal worked in the world of fashion but when a close friend and colleague died suddenly, it created a ripple effect which made her question her mortality and purpose in life.


Choosing then to rebel against her traditional Pakistani upbringing and instead to follow her lifelong dream of becoming an artist, Faryal left full time employment and began painting in her newly formed studio, but it wasn't for long. Within 6 months she was struck down with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis and was no longer able to hold a brush, let alone paint.

It took nine gruelling months of treatment, medication, resting and patience before she was able to work again and from this time onwards she has found herself working in her studio with a new sense of gratitude.


Now creating stunning, atmospheric landscapes and seascapes to critical acclaim, Faryal's artwork has been exhibited around the world in sell-out solo and group shows. Her work suggests a recognisable vista; however the viewer is invited ever deeper into the world she creates, constantly discovering further meaning to the work they are viewing as each layer of colour is observed more.


Now hanging in numerous public and private exhibitions, Faryal's work continues to rise in popularity day by day.