Austin Cole


Austin Cole was born in Wales and moved to London in 1980 to follow his dreams of becoming a full time artist. He studied fine art part-time at the Sir John Cass School of Art and from there gained both an undergraduate degree and a masters in Fine Art. 

Not only is Austin an elected member of the Royal Society of British Artists and an Associate Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Artists but he has also been invited to exhibit with many other notable societies, including the New English Art Club and the Royal Marine Society. On three occasions his works have also been selected for the Discerning Eye Exhibition. Austin Cole has further exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on numerous occasions, and in 2016 was the recipient of the Royal Academy’s prestigious London Institute Print Prize. 


In addition to his print work, Austin is also an installation artist who has exhibited work around the UK, including at the Courtauld Institute at Somerset House in London. It was here that one of his  installations was displayed as part of the East Wing Exhibition of Contemporary Art.


Inspired mainly by landscape, especially the landscape of the urban environment, Austin’s work depict cities from around the world from Venice to Seoul and many places in between.

“The techniques I use in my work have changed little since the days of Rembrandt and Toulouse-Lautrec. But though I work in a traditional medium, I see myself as an artist working in the now.”