Peter Newsome PhD, FRBS, RBA is best known  for the creation of his flawless sculptures in glass. In recent years these stunning works have been regularly exhibited throughout the UK, most notably at the Mall Galleries, Wisley Gardens, the RBS Gallery, as well as in New York. 

Since beginning his practice as an artist Peter has specialised in the medium of bonded glass, occasionally working in bronze, stainless steel, marble and now most unusually, with oil paint. 


When working in glass Peter employs the traditional skills of the glazier and glassworker to personally hand cut and shape component pieces of sheet glass. To do this he uses techniques which he has adapted from the glass engineering industry. Unlike traditional glassworkers, Newsome rarely uses high temperature fusion since this limits both control and scale of construction.  Instead, he uses a variety of high quality glass engineering resins to bond and laminate the work, incorporating industrially toughened and stainless steel components where appropriate, so that he can work on almost any scale.

These striking creations have not only caught the eye of private collectors but are held by many corporations and celebrity clients including but not limited to: London Hilton, British Gas for HRH Princess Ann, Royal Caribbean Line, Peter Gabriel, Greg Dyke, and Guardian Newspapers.


Alongside being an elected member of The Royal Society of Sculptors, Peter Newsome is one of only a handful of sculptors elected to the The Royal Society of British Artists.