Phillip Bissell


Phillip’s powerfully expressive images radiate with life and vitality and have made a lasting impact on the UK’s cityscape market.

Born and brought up in the West Midlands, Phillip always loved classical music and films, and it was through cinema that he began to consider the idea of composition; the positioning of elements and the use of colour have come directly from watching how directors have composed their shots. Faraway lands and dramatic landscapes that he visited on screen fuelled his passion for travel and has spent much of his life exploring the major cities of the world.

He is intrigued and fascinated by the dynamic intensity of architectural lines and forms to be found in such places, and the way a mass of rooftops, windows and juxtaposed buildings seem to vibrate against one another in exciting and unusual ways.

The addition of mostly flat and uncomplicated skies adds contrast and complements his compositions as a whole.

Phillip favours acrylics for their quick-drying properties as they aptly convey the pace and excitement he feels when engaged with creating work.
Now a leader in his field, Philip’s work has been sold at auction and is both exhibited across the UK and collected world-wide with his original cityscapes becoming increasingly sought after and hard to acquire.