David Sprakes


David Sprakes RBA MAFA is a Nottinghamshire based Sculptor specialising in the mediums of bronze and metal. 


David studied solidly from 1969 to 1974 in Doncaster, Newcastle and Liverpool. This commitment to study enabled him to hone his skills as a sculptor and paved the way for a highly successful career as an artist. 


Since his solo exhibition in Derbyshire a decade ago David has exhibited continually throughout the UK, partaking in over thirty-five exhibitions. This included a one-man show ‘Rhythm in Sculpture’ at Beverley Museum and Art Gallery in East Yorkshire where he exhibited forty sculptures with accompanying research and drawings. In recent years he has been elected to  both the Manchester Academy of Fine Art and the Royal Society of British Artists from which, in 2020, he was the recipient of the Nathan David Prize for Sculpture.


The tactile sensory qualities of objects and environments, both man-made and natural are a constant source of inspiration to David. Form, space, surface, rhythm and texture play a central role in the development and construction of his work. His analytical and experimental approach to sculpture aims to open up new ways of seeing and relating to three dimensional form for the spectator. Recurring themes in his work are abstraction, eroded, weathered, unearthed forms and structures found in the fabricated and natural world. An underpinning concept is truth to materials, allowing their visual and tactile qualities to become a key message of his sculpture.