Catherine has been making clay sculpture since completing her degree course in Ceramics at Camberwell College of Art in 1998 and has received widespread critical acclaim for her unique style.


Her sculpture is mainly figurative and focused on the female form, works often have exaggerated proportions, large feet and elongated legs blending up into smaller torsos; giving a feeling of elegance and strength.


Each piece Catherine creates is hand-moulded from crank clay and fired with a stoneware glaze, so will happily live outside. The dark glazed surface of her works often give the illusion of metal, particularly bronze, but with small areas of painted detail, masked-out stripes or added colour/pattern.


Many of the figures Catherine creates hold binoculars and are depicted ‘peering’ into the distance in varying poses. Her work illustrates the human need to keep looking, questioning and searching for answers, reasons or some kind of fulfilment. Searching, seeking and the quest for information are common themes in Catherine's work which she enjoys exploring.