Guy Portelli RBA ARBS was born in South Africa in 1957, and moved permanently to England with his parents in 1969, who had both come earlier to Britain to study as art students.

Guy Portelli school aged sixteen to study at Medway College of Art. Originally studying interior design this changed to a focus on sculpture in his second year. Whilst at college he started his own business, designing theatre sets and employing around twenty people in the process. On graduation, he found work designing hotel interiors but continued a part-time course in sculpture at Chelsea Art College. In the late 1970s, Guy found employment at the BBC’s special effects department, working on sets for Doctor Who and Blake's 7. 


Guy’s great success as an artist has predominantly come from his talent as a sculptor. His work is found in public and corporate collections in Britain and the USA. With notable celebrity collectors, such as Ringo Starr, possessing several of his pieces. Portelli is a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and a council member of the Royal Society of British Artists where he previously served as Vice President. 


Portelli is the recipient of multiple awards including the Elisabeth Frink School Award, and the Scott Goodman Harris Award. Through ‘Dragons Den’ in 2008, Portelli gained £80,000  from three investors convincing them that modern art is a viable and realistic investment. This centred upon his “Pop Icons” collection, 18 pieces exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London. This instantly raised his public profile.


In recent years Guy has worked on a project to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Isle of Wight Festival. He has worked in collaboration with many of the musicians present at the festival to create a commemorate sculpture.