Vast skies and an original and unsentimental approach to English landscape are the unique characteristics of Terry Watts work. His large open spaces have a majestic emptiness allowing the physical forces which create the landscape to be clearly seen.
Having first pursued his interest in landscape through photography he became more analytical in his observation of the environment and our response to it. He found that it was only through painting that the necessary control over representation of landscape could be achieved. The paintings are precisely rendered yet contain freely created elements and are of unusually wide perspective. The result encompasses more of the character of the landscape than the camera can reveal.
His work is represented in collections in Paris, The Netherlands and Washington State as well as in local authorities in England. Having trained at Camberwell College of Art, Watts was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 2006. His work is exhibited regularly in London shows with the RBA, RI, RSMA, the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and the Discerning Eye. He was awarded the Guest Prize at the Laing Landscape Competition and twice won first prize at the London City Airport Competition.