Richard Gower


Richard Gower’s distinctive, unique style has attracted a number of high profile collectors throughout his relatively short career, including HM The Queen, The Duchess of York and The Lord Mayor of Westminster.


Best known for his popular ‘Reflections’ style of painting, Gower merges elements of reality with interpretations of feeling in an impressionistic style. Observation and chance are key in creating his work. Painting from life, Gower ‘scouts out’ creative inspiration – sitting in cafes and parks and ‘people-watching’ – which he says allows him to capture the fleeting moments of strangers’ daily activities.


His compositions, sometimes cropped at unexpected angles, display a real sense of familiar serenity and intrigue. They quietly invite the viewer to create narratives about the anonymous characters unknowingly immortalised in oil paint, perhaps seeing something of ourselves within them, as alluded to in the way each work is titled.