Richard Gower


British artist Richard Gower’s distinctive style has been admired internationally, attracting a number of high profile collectors including HM The Queen. In recent years he has painted bespoke commissions for The Duchess of York and and a London cityscape for The Lord Mayor of Westminster. His painting of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Phillip’s final royal engagement before retirement in 2017 is held in the Private Royal Collection. In 2020, Gower commemorated the achievements of the late Sir Captain Tom Moore through an oil painting for his family.


Initially it was Gower’s incredible ability to pay homage to some of the world’s most famous artists through his ‘in the manner of’ paintings that attracted collectors and publishers alike, leading to the first book of his works published in 2016. Though still studying the techniques of the great Masters that came before him, Gower went on to develop his own unique 'Reflections’ style, which continues to grow in high demand. A Gower original is characterised by its visible brush strokes, open composition and ordinary subject matter - merging elements of reality with interpretations of emotion. In 2020 a second book was published, this time celebrating his own style of painting.


Painting from life, observation and chance are key in his creative process. Gower ‘scouts out’ inspiration by sitting in cafes and parks where he is able to ‘people-watch’. Allowing him to “capture the fleeting moments of strangers’ daily activities.”


Richard Gower’s work has been exhibited internationally, gaining notoriety for his contemporary oil paintings rendered in character.