Nick Vivian


Born August 1950 into a creative family, Nick Vivian’s earliest memory of art was trying to ‘colour in’ alongside his watercolourist grandmother, Norah Vivian. Showing great talent for painting from his earliest days he always struggled with numbers and arithmetic, so during 1st year class when a derogatory mathematics teacher referred to him as ‘stupid’, his future career as an artist was established in his mind’s eye. Having happily and confidently turned his back on ‘numbers’, Vivian has gone on to become one of the most sought after commissionable artists of our time.


Soon after graduating from Art College he set up and ran a successful luxury interiors business; supplying beautifully hand-painted screens and trompe l’oeil wall paintings to the elite of society from LA to Tokyo and everywhere in between.


Since those early years, Vivian has gone on to be commissioned to create bespoke works of art for many A-list celebrities and international royalty. Indeed throughout the 90s, he travelled at least twice a year to Dubai, Jeddah or Riyadh, having assembled and trained a team of highly-skilled artists to carry out large installations throughout the royal residences of Saudi Arabia and Morocco – all of which remain in situ today.


Now working from his London studio, Vivian creates engaging forest scenes and striking abstract expressionist canvases, which entertain the viewer with their incredible ability to ‘play’ with light and space. Drawing from his wealth of experience in technique and composition development, the resultant surface is one that seems to connect with the viewer in an almost magical manner that somehow soothes and exhilarates at the same time.


His popularity continues to grow year on year with original works of art becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.