Kerry Darlington


Kerry Darlington delves deep into the mythical stories that shape Western cultures to create vivid, often three-dimensional artwork that have captured the imagination of art collectors across the globe.


She was awarded the accolade of ‘Best-Selling Published Artist’ in 2012 and 2014 and remains one of the best-selling UK artists to date.


The haunting beauty of her work is influenced by the fairytales of her youth, as well as Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’ and Pre-Raphaelite artists. Her unique subject matter and strong artistic skillset, gained from training as an illustrator in the mid-nineties, have allowed Darlington to reach dizzying heights of success within the commercial art market, making her work highly sought after and a practical financial investment.


Born in 1974 in Wales, she worked for many years as a pen and ink illustrator in Central London. She then took a job designing exclusive clay artworks, which led her to experiment with a range of different textures. This experience allowed her to evolve her own artwork into something we recognise today as a ‘Darlington’; artworks that are built upon with many layers to give the illusion of depth, as well as her trademark three-dimensional limited editions.


She continues to create artworks as well as books containing collections of her illustrations. Her pieces remain in huge demand and have gone on to obtain high values on the secondary market.