Christine Jacoby


Christine Jacoby studied extensively at the Wimbledon School of Art, the Byam Shaw School of Art and at Fachhochschule Bielefeld in Germany from which she holds a degree in Graphic Design. 

Her work is instantly recognisable for its subtle use of colour and intricate carvings, which bend the boundaries between painting and sculpture. 


Christine says of her work:

The universal fascination to all of us: the transparent wings of an insect, the white bark of the birth-tree, leaves with their delicate vein structures or in my later work: stones with holes, washed round by the sea over a long period of time. Taking these objects out of their natural context and transferring them onto an empty picture plane, highlights their sublime being. The paintings are read as time-capsules, as captured moments of something transient of a fleeting existence. 

The material I use of my paintings is gesso on board which allows me, not only to paint on it, but also to carve into it. Using this method, the object can leave a mere imprint on the surface which in its fossilised appearance is a reminder of the passage of time. In my later work colours are reduced to pure white and involve the usage of abstract shapes. By doing so, I achieve more clarity and coherence in the subject matter. White gives light and a pure space which is quiet but vibrates in a powerful way. Within this whiteness the shadows which derive from the relief of the carving give an forever changing visual impression. They imply movement which gives a variety of reading the work.