Ajax The Holy Nun


Anonymous British graffiti artist Ajax The Holy Nun, is known for their expressive figures often found in public places, pavement slabs or on paper teared from a sketch book.


Motion is at the heart and soul of Ajax’s practice. Constantly on the move, Ajax works in mediums that allow freedom for fast paced inspiration. Using pen, pastel and charcoal, their original works on paper are very rare to come by - although easy to identify. An Ajax The Holy Nun will usually depict an animated figure with cinematic proportions, exclaiming slang from below. Their statement palette is black and white, with colour integrations between the ghostly figures. 


Although small in size, the emotional gestures from large perspectives present a feeling of human ambiguity, from a world view. A reminder of how small our bodily presence is in the vast ecstatic motion of the world. 


So, watch your step as Ajax The Holy Nun’s graffiti can currently be found hiding in the busy streets of London and Europe.