Michael Harrison


Michael Harrison is descended from generations of Northamptonshire shoemakers and lawyers and has resided in the county for most of his life. From an early age Michael was passionate about the arts and specifically the practice of paintings. He first attended Art School in Uppingham and then subsequently studied at Académie Julian, the Post-Impressionist studio in Paris.


Michael continued to paint on family holidays at home and abroad for many years following his studies, but it was not until recent years that he returned to painting with the single-mindedness required to progress.


As Michael’s career as an artist has evolved as has an individual painting style. Consequently his paintings became noticed, galleries were keen to exhibit his work and solo exhibitions across the country followed. Since 2011, his work has been submitted and accepted for national open exhibitions, notably the Royal Society of British Artists and New English Art Club at the Mall Galleries. He was subsequently elected a member of Royal Society of British Artists in 2021 and is one of their newest members. 


Michael Harrison predominantly works in oil and each of his intimate landscape studies are completed en plein air. His portfolio of works is wide ranging and diverse, in both choice of subject and location. Whilst Michael has successful gained a reputation as a skilled landscape artist he is also increasingly drawn to studies of cathedrals and church interiors. In 2015 he  was the official artist-in-residence commissioned to paint the reinterment of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral.