Jacqueline Taber is a fine artist and restorer based in Essex. In her youth Jacqueline travelled across  Europe learning the techniques of fine art and restoration as she went. Initially she studied in Paris for a year before moving to Florence. Here she studied restoration at the Gabinetto del Restauro at the Uffizi for five years whilst simultaneously attending the studio of renowned Italian artist and teacher Signorina Simi. 


Although now based in the UK Jacqueline continues to exhibit widely throughout Florence, as well as in London, Essex, Suffolk, France and the USA. As well as exhibiting at the Royal College of Art, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the New English Art Club, Jacqueline also successfully exhibits as a solo artist with three solo exhibitions to date.


Elected in 2013, Jacqueline is an Honorary Member to the Royal Society of British Artists, as well as a member of the Chelsea Arts Club, Colchester Arts Society and the Art Workers Guilds. Most recently, in 2020, she was elected as a member of the Small Paintings Group. 

Jacqueline is best known for her highly detailed still life paintings often depicting fruit, crockery or feathers contrasted against a dark oil background.