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'BLOOM' - Helen Manning Clark Solo Exhibition

In November this year, M1 Fine Art presents 'Bloom', a vibrant collection of original abstract works by internationally acclaimed artist Helen Manning Clark... Read more

Artist Spotlight - Nick Vivian

Nick VivianThis year Nick Vivian turned 65 and with his original artwork becoming increasingly sought after and equally difficult to get hold of, M1 Fine Art decided to relay a little of his fascinating history for all his collectors and avid fans.

Born in 1950 into a highly creative family, Nick Vivian’s first memory is of trying to ‘colour in’ alongside his watercolourist grandmother Nora Vivian... Read more

New Artist, Sarah-Jane Szikora

Let it Rain - Szikora

M1 Fine Art announces a new partnership with the internationally acclaimed Sarah-Jane Szikora, beginning with the introduction of a number of very rare limited edition prints from this leading artist. 

In recent years the overwhelming demand for Szikora's art, coupled with an ongoing battle with her eyesight has lead to an almost complete absence of original artwork becoming available on the open market... Read more

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