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Darren Baker Book Launch: March 6th-13th

Albert the ‘Handydog’ is having a tough day at work and things are about to get even worse from him! Arriving home, ready for a relaxing bubble bath, he is greeted with the unwelcome news that his owners have some very obnoxious guests staying the night and they don’t seem to like dogs one bit!

Unable to stop himself from getting in the way, Albert finds himself thrown outside without any dinner and only a leaky kennel to protect him from the rain. 

A failed attempt to sneak back into the house ends in Albert being mistaken for an intruder and the police being called, so our poor, dejected dog searches for somewhere else to spend the night. 

Finding an unlocked door on the visitors’ car, Albert begins reading his favourite bedtime story, using the light in the car to ensure he doesn’t strain his eyes... Read more

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