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Jayson Lilley Solo Exhibition

Jayson Lilley at M1 Fine ArtFrom iconic London landmarks like Borough Market and Battersea Power Station to the Art Deco buildings of New York, Jayson Lilley’s art has always had the clear intention of highlighting as extraordinary, that which many have come to accept as ‘everyday’.

His signature use of gold leaf, strong colour palette and illustrative approach have all ensured Jayson’s graphic style has been admired and collected around the world to an incredible extent, considering his relative youth... Read more

Summer Exhibition 2016

... Read more

The Thames Exhibition - Celebrating The Tall Ships in Greenwich

From the 5th to the 9th of September, Royal Greenwich will host an incredible fleet of over 50 Tall Ships from around the world, following a breathtaking race to the River Thames from Falmouth in Cornwall.

To celebrate this, M1 Fine Art will be displaying a stunning collection of works depicting varying high-profile artists’ representations of the Thames... Read more

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