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Chris Baker
Following an incredibly successful career in the printing industry, Chris Baker decided to follow his heart into the world of fine art and focus on a passion which had long since fascinated him – deep space astro-photography.

From buying his first telescope in 2001, he has quickly developed an enviable reputation for photographing ‘deep sky objects’ (objects outside of our solar system) and has successfully established himself as one of the major players within this challenging field. Just over a decade after buying that first telescope Baker assembled a personal observatory in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain where the dark skies and clear nights best facilitate the production of his stunning images.

Capturing the surprising colours and striking compositions of the deep sky objects he targets takes incredible skill, patience and perseverance. After painstakingly focusing on a nebula or star cluster for in excess of 30 hours over the course of a month, Baker may find that an almost undetectable movement of his telescope caused by anything from an earth tremor to a loose screw has caused a blurring of the image and the entire process must be started again.

With each image released in two limited edition formats (back-lit and acrylic), Baker’s magnificent works of art offer a fascinating insight into the beauty of the universe beyond our planet - something we are rarely afforded the opportunity to admire. Royal blue and shocking pink nebulae or aqua marine solar systems allow us to contemplate our significance in life and offer a commentary on the human condition.


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Chris Baker - Star Birth One

Star Birth One


34 X 26 inches

Limited Edition Photograph


GBP 895.00 Framed (incl. VAT)

Representative Work

Photographs on acrylic:
Chris Baker - Star Birth One Thumbnail

Star Birth One

Chris Baker - Star Birth Two Thumbnail

Star Birth Two

Chris Baker - The Pelican Thumbnail

The Pelican

Chris Baker - The Pacman Thumbnail

The Pacman

Chris Baker - Island in Space Thumbnail

Island In Space

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